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Phase 2 ESA

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When Is Phase II ESA Needed?

In the event your Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) indicates the presence of, or potential for, contamination on your target property, a Phase II ESA will likely be needed. A Phase II ESA involves an investigation of subsurface conditions at a property-a process that typically includes the advancement of soil borings and installation of monitoring wells for the collection of soil, groundwater, and/or vapor samples. More involved investigations may include geophysical surveys, hydrogeological evaluations, or vapor intrusion studies. Laboratory analysis shows the concentrations of detected contaminants, if identified, and results are compared to applicable established State or Federal criteria. Interpretation of results of a Phase II ESA is necessary to determine what next steps may be needed – ranging from a determination that no further action is required to remedial activities.

Develop A Project Strategy

Following guidelines established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) in the Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments–Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Process (E1903-19), Mitten’s approach to Phase II ESAs begins with an understanding of our client’s intentions for each project. With your interests in mind, Mitten can develop a strategy to accurately assess conditions at a property and deliver the information you need to make your project successful.

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