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Work Directly With Environmental Professionals

When you choose Mitten Environmental for your environmental service needs, your project will be managed by an Environmental Professional at every step of the process.  From initiation to completion, our clients take comfort in knowing their projects are handled by experienced, reliable consultants. 

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The primary goal of a Phase I ESA is to identify reasonably-attainable evidence of recognized environmental conditions (RECs) in connection with a subject property

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Phase II ESA involves an investigation of subsurface conditions at a property- a process that typically includes the advancement of soil borings and installation of monitoring wells

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New owners and operators should consider developing and maintaining liability protection for existing contamination

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Refers to the phenomenon in which contaminated soil vapor is created by the off-gassing of volatile compounds in the subsurface, either in soil or groundwater



"Have used Mitten on several property transactions- very professional and responsive. Would recommend to anyone who may need their services."

Martin V.


Consultants at Mitten Environmental have experience navigating federal, state and local regulatory environments. We focus on taking care of your environmental needs, allowing your team to focus on other aspects of your project.​

Mitten Environmental Consulting is based in Michigan, but can assist with your environmental projects nationwide. 


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